Interview Wishlist

My project is centered around interviewing personnel involved in the following Broadway productions (or national tours of these productions):

Big River (Any performers from the Deaf West 2003 revival)

Dreamgirls (Actors who played Effie and Deena in the original 1981 production and 1987 revival)

Hairspray (Actors who played Tracy, Edna, Motormouth, and Amber in the original 2002 production)

La Cage Aux Folles (Actors who played Cagelles, George, or Albin in the original 1983 production, 2004 revival, and 2010 revival)

Side Show (Actors who played Daisy, Violet, and especially the sideshow performers in the original 1997 production and 2014 revival)

Spring Awakening (Any performers from the Deaf West 2015 revival)

Apart from the specific roles noted above, I am particularly interested in talking to casting directors and members of the creative team (especially choreographer, director, costume designer), press agents, and producers.